Sunday, August 21, 2005

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Stockton Riverside Festival 2005

Andy Jones @ The Stockton Riverside Festival Fringe 2005. Andy is a very talented local singer song writer.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

MILAN July 2005

Milan is a great place to visit and you can use it as a base to tour northern Italy. You could even travel by train direct from Milan to Zurich and have a 2 centre holiday. Low cost airline flights direct from Newcastle, mean it can be a very affordable holiday e.g. £200 for a week in good accommodation including flights.

A view from one of the many villages that are on the shore of Lake Como.

A day trip to the Italian lakes was another highlight. A cruise on Lake Como was really good and unlike some of the places we visited, there weren't many crowds of tourists. Definately a place to visit.

One of the highlights of the trip, seeing the rehearsals for the Miss.Italy contest.

Back to historic Milan.

Great costumes, but how they survived in the 35C heat I don't know.

A traditional view of Venice. It's difficult to shoot great photos in the middle of the day when the sun is at it's height and the crowds are large. Next time I'll stay over in Venice and get up early.

Another view of St.Mark's Square.

Me in St.Mark's Square on a day trip to Venice.

One of Mondova's many churches.

Mondova a medieval town, well worth the 1 hour train journey.

Milan's centre & a "cathedral" dedicated to shopping!

Bergamo - The 3 towers

MILAN July 2005

My holiday started here at Bergamo. It was a good idea to stay the first night here and explore this medieval town the following morning.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Food For Thought

I am helping to facilitate a creative writing class at the moment and so decided after a 30 year break to have a go at writing poetry again. I'll probably stick to photography in future! Anyway, this poem is dedicated to all those mobile burger vans that tour our streets late at night.

This kitchen on wheels is his speciality,
So that you can eat in your very own locality.

He trundles along to his regular sites,
His gastronomic dishes reaching new heights.

He’s a sort of cross between Delia and Jamie,
But none of his dishes are ever the samey.

He prepares a large tray of his Chicken Parmo,
And hopes tonight’s drunks will be a little more calmo!

The closing of clubs - his busiest time,
His customers' palates dulled by the wine.

So who is this guy who never sleeps,
He’s always there, we’ve got him for keeps.

Harlow Carr - nothing bog standard about these gardens.

You've been framed!

Those bees were everywhere.

The bees knees!

View of "Mont Blanc" in the HC Gardens

Contemporary garden at Harlow Carr

Harlow Carr Gardens

I visited an old school friend John, at the weekend. He lives in Harrogate and we visited Harlow Carr Gardens nearby. I used my new Canon IXUS 700 camera to take some nice shots.

Friday, May 13, 2005